The New Group


In-House Designer – Art Direction, Interaction Design, Visual Design Project


The New Group had been working with Jenny Craig since 2006 and given me plenty of opportunity to work closely with the day-to-day proceedings of maintaining a major brand. In 2011, I got an opportunity to be part of the Jenny Craig brand and customer experience overhaul. This included elements such as a new brand voice, a logo, color palette, design direction and tagline for the new “Jenny” brand, along with a new website that would have an easy-to-understand, friendly and fun experience.

I was a part of the logo exploration process (my logo suggestion shown above), as well as designing pages for the initial website from the established look and feel of the art director. In early 2012 I received the opportunity to take over most of the design and art direction for the website and have been doing the majority of the website design maintenance to the present day. Social media for Jenny Craig is also a major part of the experience, and I help maintain that as well. My designs are shown in the posts, backgrounds, and images throughout the Jenny Craig Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube pages.


Proposed version of the new Jenny Craig logo


Homepage promotion


Real stories landing page of the Jenny Craig website


YourStyle Profile landing page of the Jenny Craig website



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