Planet Argon

My Role:

In-House Designer – Art Direction and Design, Illustration


Every year, Planet Argon holds an annual summer picnic for their employees. For the yearly event, they volunteer an employee to design the new t-shirt, and I got the opportunity. The only requirement for the design this year was that the company mascot, “Bear” was to be integrated into it somehow.

After a few sketches of Bear being a nice, friendly mascot, it seemed like a safe, but very boring direction I was going. I decided to shake things up a bit. I thought about if Bear went rogue, and wasn’t what he seemed to be. The end result was a very tongue-in-cheek design about our loving mascot turning on the employees. It started out with a simple idea and evolved into a fun, illustrative scene that people really enjoyed!

  • tshirt
  • tshirt_closeup

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