A little about me:

Hi there! My name is Becca Ward, the one-woman show behind Colorbox Studio. I am a creative at heart and love to design, strategize and give your business ideas a fresh and compelling design approach. I offer professional design services with specialties that include Interactive/UX design, Graphic Design and Illustration. I have over ten years of experience, with eight of those years in Portland digital agencies. My client background ranges from working with small startups that need great design on a budget to working with high profile brands with strict brand guidelines.

How I got here:

From a young age, I have always had the creative spark and have been motivated by art, music and making things. As I got older, being creative just came naturally. The more I dabbled in it, the more curiosity I had. I went to school at the Art Institute of Colorado for a bachelors degree in Multimedia and Web Design and graduated in 2003. After graduation I became a designer at an IT company in Denver doing print, web, flash animation, and digital dashboard design. I found an opportunity to move to Portland in 2005, and shortly after moving here, landed a job at a digital agency as a Junior Designer. Over the next eight years I gained valuable experience in how agencies work and their processes. My roles ranged from design production to art direction in digital and online media. I also received some great opportunities and experience designing for print campaigns and full corporate brand identity projects.
In 2012, I moved over to another Portland agency as a User Experience Designer. I took on roles that involved more organizing and planning of projects in addition to visual design. I acquired more in-depth experience with building sitemaps, wireframes and QA procedures. In addition, I continued to provide visual design services such as brand identity, moodboards, Illustration, web design. At the end of 2013, I decided to take significant steps to work toward my long term goals of starting my own design company. Where I have more independence and can work more actively toward my passions and values. With this decision, Colorbox Studio was born.

What I do in my off-time:

I love to put down my laptop and be creative in the good old-fashioned way; by painting and drawing. I almost always have my sketchbook with me, and over time have filled dozens of sketchbooks with ideas, techniques, and planning. When it comes to painting, watercolor has become my favorite medium, and I usually have several paintings going at once.
I do get outside when it’s not raining here in Portland. I love to bike, camp, rock climb, and slackline. In the winters I like to swing dance, take zumba classes, and indoor rock climb.

About Me FAQ

I understand that getting to know a designer just from their online portfolio site can be hard. You want to gain insight to whether the candidate would be the right fit for your project, and perhaps to make sure we can have a good, collaborative working-style in the office.

I have included some questions to help you get started in learning a little more about me and how I got where I am.

How does your work stand out from other designers?

My design skills combine professional graphic and web design services with refined-draftsmanship in illustration. This brings more thoughtful creativity and broader ideas to the table than other designers in the field. I don’t just go online and find stock photos to fill the gaps in content. I build unique content directly from the communication and ideas that the client provides.

How did you decide to get in your line of work?

From a young age, I have always had the creative spark and have been motivated by art, music and making things. As I got older, being creative just came naturally. The more I dabbled in it, the more curiosity I had. I feel that you need to have an immense amount of curiosity and passion to be a good designer, otherwise you will never evolve in your craft and your designs will get stale.

Why did you pick the name, ‘Colorbox Studio’?

One of the most important gadgets in my ‘creative toolbox’ is color. It is the common thread throughout most of my work whether it be graphic design, painting, or other creative outlets. I wanted a fun, descriptive and personal name for my studio that represented that.

What is your favorite type of work?

My favorite type of work would probably be branding and logo design. It needs powerful ideas and associations combined with strong imagery to produce a brand that is memorable. I find it challenging yet very rewarding when I come up with something that works well not only for the company, but the customer to interact with.

What do you like most about your job?

Making and building big things out of simple ideas. Using my creativity to help others succeed in what they find important.

If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade?

That a lot of thought, research and strategy goes into a good design. There is a process behind getting there, and every artists process is different.


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